Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scarlet Geranium

Lie down. Breath slowly. Feel your body mitigate into relaxion and ease, let it become one with your mind. Close your eyes. Let the quiet surroundings sweep you into a placid slumber.

She walks into a garden. The rays of sunlight hit her silky skin. Her flowing white dress grazes her legs as the gentle wind penetrates every pour on her body. Her long, curly hair brushes her bare back while her feet dance on the florescent dew. The canopy of trees cast shadows over the green earth as the sun gently nudges between the shade to feed and smile at the flourishing daisies. She stops to soak up the beauty that presents itself from the brambles of the downy soil. She crouches to pick a violet heather. It sways in her small delicate hand, the velvet petals open to whisper secrets of love and harmony. She listens. She lets it fall gently to the ground, watching it fly freely back to its home.

She walks to the opalescent gazeebo. She brushes her fingers along the smooth ridges of the opening and imagines herself sitting with an old lover. She closes her eyes and remembers.

At the edge of the gazeebo, a cradle of magnolias sit and sunbathe atop fresh soil. The smell of rain and new life permeates her senses, and her perfect surroundings envelope every inch of her body. This garden is her temple.

She hears a child laughing from a distant. She can not dicepher exactly where the rejoicing voice is coming from, but her heart swells in bliss. The laughter becomes louder, and is that of a little girl. She hears pure wisdom in the child's glee.

A shadow accompanies the approaching laughter, and moves in and out of the towering trees. It runs free, stopping in the midst of laughter to pick flowers.

The shadow transcends into a real human body, the laughter so alive and real now. The child runs toward her, a bushel of scarlet geraniums bundled in her arms. She continues to laugh; she is happy, and loving every minute of life. The woman recognizes this wise soul appraoching her; it is her when she was three years old. Her younger self looks up and her blue eyes express love, hope, and comfort. She picks her up and hugs her. She cradles her youthful self for a minute, remembering innocence and the strength it brought. "I love you." She sets her back down, and her mind floods with nostalgia. The child hands her the geraniums and smiles. "These are for you." Her little nose twitches and her blue eyes twinkle. "I can bring more whenever you'd like." She looks down at her new gift. "Thank you."

The child turns toward the gazeebo and prances through it. The sun glows off of her small back, manifesting an aura of peace. She disappears under the canopy of trees, skipping and laughing.

Alone again, the woman looks down at the geraniums. A gust of wind picks up and blows her hair over her eyes. She smiles. "I can bring more whenever you'd like," she remembers. At that moment, she knew she would never be lonely and afraid ever again. The child she once was, will always be with her, to guide her, love her, and nourish her.

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