Sunday, May 20, 2007

Living Dreams

I think I'm watching too much "Six Feet Under".

Lastnight I had a dream about life: The time that passes, people we've loved dying, babies we know growing older, and coming to terms with lost lovers and friends.

I was in a house. I didn't recognize the place, but my aunt Kellie, my grandfather Leonard, and my sister Michaela were present. My grandfather slipped and fell, cracking his head open. He was unconscious and I called an ambulance. A male voice on the other end told me that they would be there in ten minutes. I told him that ten minutes was too long to wait. As I was on the phone, I kept looking at a clock on the wall. First it was 1:15, a second later it was 1:25, then I looked again and it was 1:40. I didn't know the address where we were, and looked all over the walls to find it. Any number I found was indicepherable. My aunt was trying to help me find the address. There were numbers painted on the wall, but they were too tall and curvey, and hidden behind some vertical blinds. My sister was present, but she was not involved. She was walking in and out of the chaos. If I remember correctly, my grandfather awoke and my aunt reassured me he was ok.

The next part of the dream involved me standing at the corner of a street. I used to cross this particular street when walking to elementary school in Omaha. The street is called Harrison, and I have had numerous dreams where I am either standing or traveling on this street. It's strange because there is a graveyard on this street, As a child I was fascinated by one of the tall graves with a stone man atop it. Anyway, as I was standing on this corner, the one year old I have been watching lately (in "real life") was in her stroller, her mother was pushing her across the street. I asked them if they were finding everything ok and baby Emma looked like a five year old. Her hair was long and she was wearing a nice flowered dress. She smiled at me, but didn't want me to hold her like she usually does.

I woke up after this, to answer a hotline call. I called my sister for comfort and then fell back into a slumber. The next dream was about the loss of relationships.

I have no idea where this dream took place, but a friend of mine from high school was there. She confided in me that she likes my ex boyfriend. I told her he was in a relationship, so it probably wouldn't work out. She told me to call him and ask him if he liked her, so I did. His answer was very vague and I told her that. She said she was going to go after him anyway.

This dream is very significant because it reflects an event that really did happen in "real life". Yesterday, I was thinking about how I healed from hurtful situations in high school, and I started thinking about this particular friend. She had started talking with a guy whom I had made out with, and whom I so ignorantly developed a crush on. That was my first taste of betrayal in friendship. I was very strong back then, not that I'm not now, but I was young and hadn't lived life but fifteen years. I set the situation aside and was ok with it. I wasn't going to let it get me down. I'm not sure if I could do that now, as my emotions tend to override any rational side when it comes to love relationships.

I love dreams. They are very telling of our lives and can predict the future if we pay close attention. I used to have numerous dreams, at least seven, that my boyfriend left me for another person. And guess how it ended? You got it. My sister also had a dream that he slept with a friend I grew up with. I hadn't spoken with her in years. After the break-up, guess who contacted me and has been a great source of healing for me? This particular friend that my sister dreamt about.



Ryan said...

Dreams are an amazing portal; a window to view life at a different angle. And don't know what I'd do if I didn't dream. So many people don't remember their dreams, and I've started to notice that I don't dream nearly as much. Why do you think that is? I know I don't have everything sorted out in life, and dreams are so helpful in making sense of things, even if they are ultra bizarre. Do you think you dream less than you used to, or do you have any ideas on how to dream more?

I love your dream in regards to death. Those always seem to be the strangest, don't they?

The Beauty of Speed said...

I dream pretty regularly. I have been thinking about keeping a dream journal because I think it would help me tremendously with "figuring things out," or at least try to make sense of life.

I'm not sure how to make yourself dream more. I think it's a matter of what's going on in your life and how tired you are. Nothing out of the ordinary. But the other night I ate some Nilla Wafers before I went to sleep and had some really crazy dreams. Maybe try that?! Ha.

Dreams about death are the most intriguing to me. I think they reflect the death of relationships, not really death in the "real sense."