Saturday, December 19, 2009

Second...really last, but posting it second.

Top songs of 2009

(I wrote these descriptions last. I am unintelligible at this point).

”If I Had a Heart”, Fever Ray – This song is stoical as stoical gets. "If I had a heart I could love you, if I had a voice I would sing" are unforgettable lyrics that haunt me on a regular basis. In a good way.

”Lust for Life”, Girls – Catchy as hell! I always catch myself singing the first line of this song “Oh I wish I had a boyfriend, I wish I had a loving man in my life” even though I do have a boyfriend and loving man in my life. This is a great song to sing in the shower or dance like a fool in the middle of Danny's dance floor.

"Blood Bank, Bon Iver - Justin Vernon is the only musician I've fallen in love with while listening to his sorrowful and humble love songs. Vernon can use a line like "chewin' on a candy bar" sound so.fuckin.sad

”When you Hear The Bassline”, Major Lazor – Sexy, dancy. Give it to me baby!

”Empire State of Mind”, Jay Z featuring Alicia Keyes - I actually don't like Jay-Z. But Alicia Keys? Wow. That hook lays New York flat on it's butt. It’s out of this world.

”Sleep Alone”, Bat for Lashes – I always philosophize about love to this song. I would have picked her song "Daniel" but there are a couple personal reasons I didn't. I'll spare you.

”This Tornado Loves You”, Neko Case – The lyrics are absolutely dynamite. The power of this woman's music can not be matched. Rarely do I cry to a song (just for the sake of crying, not because I am sad), but "Tornado" definitely has that affect.

”Right Hand Hi”, Kid Sister – Get yo ass on the dance floor. K? Thanx. Bi.

"Basic Space", The xx - Apparently there is a genre of music called chillout and The xx fits the bill. The Yin and Yang of songs.

”Woods”, Bon Iver – A song that uses a vocoder to strike the listeners emotions. I am obsessed with songs that use a vocoder.

”Heads Will Roll”, Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Dance til you’re dead! Or until your head rolls on the floor.

”Kissy Kissy” (reissue), The Kills – Play this song for a lover you are really angry with. And don’t end your sentences with prepositions.

I know there is more than 10. And this list will probably change tomorrow because there are too many great songs of 2009.

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