Sunday, June 3, 2007


My arrest. Coming soon.......


gary said...

I'm looking forward to reading this one. Be nice to us!

The Beauty of Speed said...

I'll be as nice as I can be. But I also have to be honest. And many people don't like honesty because it hurts them. I'll label you the "cool" one.

I'll post it soon. I promise. And I'm not a promise breaker. It might take me a couple of days because I'm stressed out about it.

The Beauty of Speed said...

Oh, and I think you should start blogging. I don't know much about you. Here's a question:

If you could be a non-human animal, what type of animal would you be and why?

gary said...

Good question.... I would have to say the cheetah, because it's
the world's fastest land animal,and can reach speeds of 70 mph. The cheetah is aerodynamically built for speed and can accelerate from zero to 40 mph in three strides and to full speed of 70 mph in seconds. I did some research to answer that question. Or a lion, because lions are the top of the African food chain. And you?

The Beauty of Speed said...

A bird. One, because they can fly, and two, because they nest in the trees. And trees fascinate me. Their intelligence is greatly under-estimated and their existence parallels with the conditions of the environment. If birds no longer exist, Mother Nature is fucked. Unfortunately, people like to hunt and shoot birds. I find this really outrageous and an abomination to the good of everyones existence. Birds are also very peaceful and often fly in communal groups to protect their species.

I often wonder why professional football and basketball teams don't use a Cheetah as their mascot. Hey, I kind of looked like a Cheetah on Saturday, didn't I? My dress was Cheetah-like. Some guy called me a leopard. Then I took a photo with him.

Lions are amazing creatures. They really protect their habitat and are smart about it. Hence the reason they are at the top of the African food chain.

Are you going to start blogging? I think you should :) Or you can just keep responding to my blogs. Or are you just waiting for the arrest blog? It will become infamous.

The Beauty of Speed said...
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gary said...

That’s funny you said a bird, because my next would have been an Eagle. Power, grace and beauty. You talked about trees. I’m a big fan of trees. Been called a tree hugger once or twice. My favorite tree would have to be the California Redwood. Muir Woods National Park, just north of San Francisco (back home) is one of the best places on earth. Trees that tower over you at 258 ft. Amazing!! If you ever get a chance to go, GO! You’ll love it. Another site to look into….
Lol, yes you did look like a cheetah on Saturday. Kind of a mix between Cheetah and 1920’s swinger. You wore it well. J I was surprised you didn’t keep it. Or did you?
As far as starting my own blog, not at this time. I’m not the best writer. My spelling sucks too. You’ll see as I continue to post. Try and overlook it and take me serious when I don’t put a comma where it belongs. (scammers) I should start a blog and list all the stories we deal with on a nightly basis. Most would make you laugh. Also thought about writing a book along the same lines. Try and take pictures on crazy things we deal with. Could have pics to go along with it. Not sure if it would sell but it would be something to leave after I have been long gone. Even if I don’t do my own I will continue responding to yours. Yes, I’m waiting for the arrest blog but I will continue after it has been posted.
I see you deleted the next post on a pink apple name. I think that’s the name you used. Not very manly but it’s your story. At least I’m a good apple.

The Beauty of Speed said...

You're from San Fran? What brings you to Iowa, the land of drunks and bad drivers? Haha. I made that up. It's not their "tag line" or whatever.

A tree hugger? I knew you were a closeted hippie.

I went to Yosemite National Park last year, and we were supposed to go see the tall redwoods, but didn'e end up going because of reasons I forget. But I love California trees. The blow Nebraska and Iowa trees out of the water....or the ground.

I didn't keep my dress. I think I left it in the restroom, or bano, at the po-lease station. I thought I'd leave my mark, but now I want it back. If you come across it, will you hold onto it for me? I'll drop by the station this weekend to retrieve it and say hi to my old buddies. I'm sure they would appreciate that.

You should write a book. I will edit it for you. Really, I'm not that big of an edit snob, I was just being a smartass to whomever left that comment. They probably won't read it anyway. You seem to spell fine, and I don't see any major editing errors. I am not the best writer either, but I still do it to practice. My college English prof told me I was the Queen of comma splices. But I like using commas. I bought a book "English Grammar for Dummies." For english being my native language, I don't know shit about it. Anyway, I'm sure your stories and the pics would crack me up. Especially if they're about drunk sisters getting sassy with the cops. Haha. Actually, you should post "your side" and I post "my side." That would be interesting. But I doubt you want to do that cause you might get it trouble with the Big Wheels.

That dream link you sent me is on my "favorites" list. I don't know if I believe that stuff, but it's fun to ponder about.

This is a long comment.

I'll be back in Oh Mama! tonight for the wedding this weekend. Wish us well in that we don't get cuffed and hauled in.

gary said...

I told you the night I met you I was from San Fran. Born and raised there. I was brought out to the “Heartland” when I got stationed at Offutt while in the Air Force. It’s funny I spent a year in Korea before coming here. I was standing in line to get food as I read my mail. Well, my orders to my next base were in the mail pile. I had to ask my buddy where the hell is Omaha, NE. As I said that some redneck standing in front of us says, I quote “those girls in Omaha are fine as frog hair”. I almost shit myself thinking what have I gotten myself into. Talk about a culture shock. It took a long time to get used to the slower pace Nebraska people live. I was used to going 100mph all the time. Fast driving, dead stop traffic, driving on the freeway doing 80 riding the guys ass in front of you and having the guy behind you doing the same thing to you. I use to plan my classes around rush hour. It was a shock. Anyway my ex-wife is from here and she wasn’t willing to leave “home” to head west. So I got a job and got stuck. I would go home tomorrow if I could. I miss home everyday.
I was just in Yosemite the first week of May. That place is heaven on earth. I’m big into photography and while I was there went through two memory cards for my camera. 3 gig total. I took almost 1000 pics that trip. A little obsessive but I just continued to find great shots. And they turned out pretty good. One of my favorite photographers is Ansel Adams. A Yosemite Boy himself. I read one of his books that says take several pics so you can choose and pick through the good and bad. That’s what I did. I don’t think you can take a bad picture there. Beautiful!!! Why were you in CA? Did you go to San Fran?
No I did not see or find your dress at the popo station but I’ll keep my eyes open. I was going to ask you, and I’m not being a smart ass, but how is your chin? I didn’t know if I should cause I didn’t want you to think I was being a jerk. I hope it is better. By the way, you can stop by the station and say hi anytime. J
As far as my book thing goes, if I ever write one I’ll look you up to edit it for me. Dealt with a guy tonight that would be a prime story for a story. Get called to Hy-Vee for a drunk guy trespassing. Get there and this guy is smoked. So smoked that he pooped his pants. When asked why he pooped he says “I’m drunk”. I didn’t have to drive him to jail, thank god. The smell was pretty bad. He’ll go on the list of stories.
I too should read an English for Dummies book. I hated English in school and barely passed my college class. Didn’t like it and should have put more effort into it. Oh well. Live and learn.
I’m reading your post and answering as I go. So if I jump around that’s why.
Well, have a good time back home for the wedding. I hope it turns out great for your sister. Try and stay out of cuffs and have fun. Have a safe trip.

The Beauty of Speed said...

ok, i feel strange divulging in my life happenings out in the open. so, you are going to have to give me contact info where i can reach you "privately" or you can look up my record at the po-lease station and find my contact info. if you don't want to do either, i guess this is the end of our discussions. the arrest blog is in the works. in fact, it's finished, but i'm waiting to post it for reasons i wish not to disclose.

i had the time of my life at the wedding. i was not restrained by cuffs, nor did i call anyone a fascist.

gary said...

email address is...
I'm having pc problems right now. My laptop has a virus I can't find. So you can contact me on this account until I get my real email back up and running. Hope to hear from you.