Thursday, June 7, 2007

Marj in the Opera House

Lastnight I went to my friend Marjorie's voice lesson. She sings opera and is quite phenomenal. She is a soprano and it amazes me that a human voice can reach such a high pitch without their voice cracking or being lost in the process. I don't have a "trained" opera ear, but I know that she is one of the best singers I've heard. Hands down. Last year, I attended two of her recitals and was in complete awe of her. She has such incredible stage presence and her voice was, in my opinion, the best up on that stage. She is so passionate about her art and it shows when she performs. I think she is going to do great things with her talent. She and her teacher were talking about stecato (sp?) and all these foreign-sounding words. It was fascinating to hear them talk opera and music notes and listen to her teacher critique and give feedback. That takes alot of self-assurance to stand in front of someone, sing your best, and then have them critique you. I give mad props to Marjorie. She is such a wonderful friend and we don't see one another often enough. We had wine and ports and dessert lastnight, after her lesson and talked about life. It was so great. I love my life in Chicago. I thought I would never say that.

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